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Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils have become the most reliable types of motor oils and they offer many advantages.  If you ever wondered exactly why you should use synthetic oils over other types of motor oils, the experts at SOS Sales are here to give you several reasons.

5 Reasons to Start Using Synthetic Oil

  1. Low evaporation loss- There is a significant decrease due to evaporation loss when you use synthetic oils. Prolonged use of your vehicle and high acceleration will sometimes cause evaporation of the oil in the long run.  While most oils experience an evaporation loss of around 20% synthetic oils have an evaporation loss of well under 10%.
  2. Excelling performance at high temperatures- High weather conditions are not a problem for synthetic oils, since they contain no natural chemicals they are not exposed to the risk of breaking down at high temperatures. The fact that they are composed of only laboratory formulated ingredients makes them resistant to extreme temperatures and eliminates the components that create oil oxidation. For more on protecting your engine against the elements please visit our previous post here.
  3. Lubrication superiority even in extreme cold weather- Not only is synthetic oil great at withstanding high temperatures but it also performs extremely well in the cold weather. Unlike other motor oils that tend to thicken in the cold, synthetic oils maintain their fluidity. This helps the engine start without having to work twice as hard to heat itself thus reducing and even eliminating the need to warm up the car.
  4. Oil changes are needed less frequently- Synthetic oil has the ability to reduce the deposits of ash or waste that can build up in the engine hot spots, and so prevents clogging. It also has very little oil burn off which makes it last alot longer than other types of oils and in turn  oil changes are needed less frequently.
  5. Increase in the life durability of the engine- The help that synthetic oil provides to your engine with, elongates its durability. Synthetic oil facilitates all the work that the engine does, thus creating a longer life for the engine and a much better performance throughout it.

Synthetic Oil in Ogden

Now that you know why you should use synthetic oil, do not accept just any synthetic oil, buy only the best.  Amsoil oil is the best of the best when it comes to synthetic oil in Ogden and the world. So contact us now and buy your engine the top quality oil it deserves.  For all your synthetic oil needs, and to purchase Amsoil oil in Weber call us today at  (801) 773 2175.
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