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How to Protect Your Engine Against Extreme Heat

There are many factors that affect the performance of your engine that are within your control, however there is one important factor that you can not; extreme heat. Just as much as cold weather has on the performance of your engine, so too does the heat. In this post, S.O.S. Sales LLC in Ogden has a way you can help protect the performance of your engine during extreme heat.

The Direct Impacts of Extreme Heat

During comfortable temperatures, your engine is able to maintain an appropriate working temperature.  In extreme heat,  the ability for your engine to continue operating efficiently  is greatly dependant on the performance of your oil. If you are using a conventional oil then you will likely find that the heat is causing it to lose its viscosity, directly affecting its ability to move fluidly and comprehensively through your engine.

Preventing Engine Wear in Extreme Heat

The use of synthetic oils has seen an increase as temperatures rise due to its ability to maintain its viscosity during extreme weather conditions. As part of the synthetic formulation process, engineered additives are introduced to not only reduce the level of impurity, but to provide additional lubrication for your engine and prevent evaporation, a problem seen more readily with the use of conventional oils.

Improve Engine Performance in Extreme Temperatures

Improving the performance of your engine in extreme temperature can be as easy as switching to the correct synthetic oil. Call an AMSOIL expert here at S.O.S. Sales LLC on 801 773 2175 and speak with us about the best suited oil for your engine needs. If you know exactly what you need, head on over to our online store and select from a great range of the best synthetic oils available from AMSOIL.
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