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How to Pick the Right Lawn Mower

Buying a new lawn mower may seem simple- they all perform the same function- but there is great divergence in the kinds of mowers available. This guide will help you decide which mower is right for you.

Cutting Path

A larger cutting path will cut down on the...
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Affordable Racing Cars

Been bummed out that every racing car you want to buy is outside your budget? Worry no more for this list has the cars for you.

Dodge Dart Demon (1971-72)

The fastback body of the Demon set it apart from other Dodge Darts, as did the black hood and performance...
Change the oil as often as you want, but put a cheap oil filter in your ATV and your efforts could be for naught. Dirty oil contains grit that increases friction, wears on your engine, and decreases power. The oil filter captures these particles and keeps your oil clean. Follow these guidelines...

How to Protect Your Engine Against Extreme Heat

There are many factors that affect the performance of your engine that are within your control, however there is one important factor that you can not; extreme heat. Just as much as cold weather has on the performance of your engine, so too...
Nothing is better than winding down the open road on your bike in the summer. No doubt that motorcycles can be a great deal of fun. They can also be dangerous, though, and and following these sets of tips can help keep you and your bike safe.

Maintenance Needs

Give your bike a thorough inspection...
Most vehicles on the roads today have automatic transmissions. Replacing a transmission is a big, pricey job. Sometimes it costs more to replace the transmission than the price of the car even. If you are driving a car with an automatic transmission, we have a few tips for you on how to extend...
Here at S.O.S. Sales LLC, we believe in our product and we want to tell you why AMSOIL synthetic oil is superior to other conventional oils. Today we are going to talk about uniformity, one of the features of AMSOIL oil, and some of the benefits you get from this feature. 

AMSOIL lubricants...
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