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Nothing is better than winding down the open road on your bike in the summer. No doubt that motorcycles can be a great deal of fun. They can also be dangerous, though, and and following these sets of tips can help keep you and your bike safe.

Maintenance Needs

Give your bike a thorough inspection before taking her out on the road. Check all lights, brakes, and turn signals. Position the mirrors correctly. Search for any cracks or damage on cables and wires. Lube your chain while it’s hot. Change oil at least every year. Maybe take a refresher safety course.

Good Gear Makes The Difference

There is nothing protecting you from the hard concrete when you’re riding a motorcycle, so invest in the best gear you can. Pick a helmet with the DOT label, indicating that it meets federal safety standards, and ideally with a face shield. Make sure it fits right. Get a leather jacket and pants. Bright colors will help other drivers see you better. Non-slip gloves are essential. And some boots that cover your ankles. 

On the Road Again

While riding, you should know your bike’s limits. Knowing your turn radius and top speed could save you when you have to make a split-second decision. Follow the speed limit and do not tailgate other vehicles. Weaving in and out of traffic is discouraged, because you want to remain visible to other drivers. Always have your headlights and stay out of blind spots. Always use both brakes at the same time.  

To keep your bike running smoothly, look up S.O.S. Sales in Ogden, UT. As a licensed AMSOIL dealer, they can tell you all about synthetic oils and how they can protect your engines, improve performance, and put more money in your wallet.  If you would like to know more, please contact us at (801) 773-2175 or by email at You can also find all AMSOIL products at our online store.
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