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There are many additives that can come into play when discussing engine oil. Many times these additives are already added to the formula in synthetic oil. Today at S.O.S. Sales LLC  we want to further discuss this subject with you.

Additives Can Be Beneficial to Your Engine

Oil additives, when added to the motor oil in the right portions, can be very beneficial and offer many advantages. However, they are usually already in the formula of high quality synthetic oils and when added to other oils in excessive amounts can cause disadvantages in other areas.

3 Common Additives in Engine Oils

  1. Detergents- These additives allow the oil to prevent  dirt particles from turning into sludge build up and they help remove them so that the sludge does not  stick to any part of the engine. These may also prevent rust or other decomposition deposits, created by extreme heat, from building up.
  2. Viscosity enhancers- Sometimes the high heat or increasing temperature will make the motor oil thinner.These type of additives prevent the oil from thinning out as the temperature rises. For more about what engine oil viscosity is and how it works. visit our post that explains more about it, here.
  3. Friction modifiers- What these additive do is they assist the oil in limiting and reducing the engine friction. In turn it will often improve the mileage and performance of the engine.

Synthetic Oil in Ogden

To properly improve the efficiency of an oil, it is necessary that it  has a high quality formula that includes the right portion of additives in it´s structure. That is why there is no other synthetic oil like Amsoil oil. It has the perfect composition to enhance the life and quality of your engine. To purchase Amsoil oil in Ogden contact  SOS Sales today.  Call (801) 773-2175 and start using the best synthetic oil in Ogden and the world.
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