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Affordable Racing Cars

Been bummed out that every racing car you want to buy is outside your budget? Worry no more for this list has the cars for you.

Dodge Dart Demon (1971-72)

The fastback body of the Demon set it apart from other Dodge Darts, as did the black hood and performance scoops. With a 318 or 340 small-block and a six pack carb setup, this baby is ready to race. Typical price range is between $1,500 and $5,000.

Dodge Challenger (1972-74)

The Challenger came out in 1970 and America fell in love. With a luxury interior and longer wheelbase, it was marketed to the more affluent buyer. The first two model years are way outside an affordable budget, but consider the less popular models from 1972-74 which can be had for under $15,000.

Pontiac Ventura (1971-77)

The sister to the Chevy Nova, the 1974 Pontiac Ventura came in a GTO package with a shaker hood and special trim. Because there were so few made, they are a bit more pricey than the Nova, but still very affordable at $3-12,000.

Mercury Cougar (1967-73)

The Mercury Cougar was the luxury Mustang, with leather seats, a wood-grain steering wheel, and special gauges. The GT option came with the 390 FE motor. Production was cut in half in the 70s, so later models are rarer, but no more expensive. For between $1-6,000, you can put one of these on the track.

 Chevy Monza (1975-80)

A four-seater, sub-compact car that won Motor Trends Car of the Year in 1975, the Monza is rare but desirable. With a price tag of $1-3,000, it is a must for our list.

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