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Change the oil as often as you want, but put a cheap oil filter in your ATV and your efforts could be for naught. Dirty oil contains grit that increases friction, wears on your engine, and decreases power. The oil filter captures these particles and keeps your oil clean. Follow these guidelines for choosing the right oil filter for your ATV.

Synthetic Filtering

The industry standard for rating an oil filter is the micron rating. It measures how many particles of grit the filter can capture. Cheaper oil filters use cellulose fibers, and the gaps in these can allow a 20-micron grit particle to flow into your ATV's engine. Oil filters with synthetic fibers, on the other hand, trap more effectively and can hold more particles than other filters. To protect your engine and improve performance, go with a synthetic filter.

Steel Canister

If your ATV's oil filter is exposed, get a filter with a tough, thick, steel casing. A flying rock or other projectile could puncture a weaker filter, starting a fire or even destroying your engine. Protect yourself from such a scenario with a sturdy filter canister.

Lubricant Flow

Synthetic oil is more efficient than conventional oil. Its molecules are smaller and lighter, requiring less energy to mobilize. They are also more uniform, so they lubricate better. Improved lubricant flow diminishes engine wear, improves performance, and increases fuel mileage. Combine a synthetic oil with a synthetic oil filter for best results in your ATV. If you wish to know more about synthetic oil filters and synthetic oils available at AMSOIL, your local AMSOIL dealer in Ogden, UT is SOS Sales. We can tell you the best lubrication, filtration, and additives for your ATV motor oil needs. Give us a call at (801) 773-2175 or shop online at our website.  
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