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When it comes to oil changes, most people are aware that they should change their oil every 3,000-miles. However, there is more to oil and an oil change than that so we are going to go over some oil change basics. 

Can You Mix Regular and Synthetic Oils?

Many people risk not adding oil to their car even when they are low on motor oil, because they are afraid of putting in a different oil than the one that is already in the engine. This is an understandable fear and today at S.O.S. Sales we would like to address this concern.

Can you mix motor oils?

Mixing motor oils on rare occasions, and when it is necessary, is ok. Emphasis on RARE occasions, and OK, not great not fine not good. Yes, in emergencies only you may go ahead and add a different motor oil if it is an emergency. We do not recommend this be you do, but an emergency may eventually come up.

You May Need to Mix Motor Oils

Lets say you are on a road trip and you forgot to check the engine oil before leaving, you are on the road and you check the oil level at a gasoline station. You notice you are running on very little oil and you need to add more, but you forgot your bottle of Amsoil synthetic oil at home and all they have is the cheap conventional motor oil. Should you risk running your car on little to non motor oil to see if you find synthetic oil in the next gasoline station? No. Obviously you should always carry a bottle or two of Amsoil synthetic oil in your car, but for those emergencies. Adding some regular motor oil until you can get your oil changed or find synthetic oil to add, should be ok as long as this does not happen often.

Adding Conventional Motor Oil to Synthetic Oil

When you mix motor oils specially when you add conventional motor oil to a car that is used to running on synthetic oil, you will obviously see some noticeable protest from the engine. However it is better than trying to drive your car without any engine oil or too little, which can cause an expensive damage to the engine. Also, do not expect the quality of the oil to be as effective and to protect you from all wear and tear to the engine since it will mostly serve as a back up for an emergency. Make sure you get your oil changed as soon as possible and that you add full synthetic oil, such as Amsoil, to maintain the integrity and performance of your engine intact.

Adding Synthetic Oil to Conventional Motor Oil

Now lets say the case is backwards, and your car usually uses regular conventional oil, and you are on a roadtrip with a friend and you pull over to check the engine oil and notice it is very low. The next gasoline station is too far to drive with a car that is so low on oil, so you ask your friend to lend you some of the motor oil he carries with him. He pulls out Amsoil synthetic oil and you are hesitant about mixing this with the conventional oil still left in your engine. Do not fear! The likeliness of something bad happening is very low, it is worst to keep driving with such a low supply of oil in the engine. In fact the synthetic oil will provide a much better protection for your engine and you may not have to use as much as with the regular motor oil you are using. Ofcourse, it may not be able to offer the full coverage and benefits because there is still regular motor oil contaminating it, but you most likely will see great improvement in the response of your engine.

Do Not Drive a Car That Is Low on Motor Oil

The bottom line is to add oil to your car when it needs it. If all you can get is regular conventional oil, that will have to do until you can get a hold of the full synthetic oil. If you use regular motor oil and all you can find is synthetic oil then you are in luck and your engine will be in better hands. Another thing that can vary besides the type of oil is the engine oil viscosity, for more information on what engine oil viscosity is visit our previous post. Whatever the case, do not try to continue driving and forcing your engine to overwork with very low amounts of motor oil. If you do so, it will severely damage the engine, and may even cost you the engine's life.

Synthetic Oil in Salt Lake City

Make sure you prepare and prevent, by always carrying with you Amsoil syntetic oil. When it comes to your engine's life trust no one but the professionals. At S.O.S. Sales we offer all the best products and highest quality synthetic oil in Salt Lake City and the world. 

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A simple oil change isn't so simple. The science of your oil and your engine can be very complex. To help bridge the gap, we will introduce one of those scientific themes, oil viscosity. 

What is Engine Oil Viscosity?

Viscosity is an oil’s resistance to flow and shear.  It's the most critical physical property of the oil as it affects wear rate and the fuel efficiency.


Water is a low viscosity fluid while syrup is a high viscosity fluid.  With oil, much like syrup, as you increase temperature, the viscosity lowers. It flows faster and more easily.

Kinematic Viscosity

The most common unit of measure for viscosity is Kinematic viscosity. It is quoted in data sheets at 40°C and 100°C.  The unit of measure is centistokes; however, the correct SI unit of measure is mm2/s. Kinematic Viscosity is a measurement of the fluids resistance to flow and shear under the forces of gravity. In other words, how easily the oil flows to different parts of the engine. Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445/ISO3105): 1 centi-Stoke (cSt) = 1 mm2/s.

Absolute Viscosity

Absolute Viscosity is a measure of the fluid's internal resistance to flow. It may be thought of as a measure of fluid friction and an oil's film strength to support a load. Dynamic or Absolute Viscosity: 1 milliPascal second (mPa·s) = 1 centi-Poise (cP) AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oils provide the protection and performance your vehicle needs, and you want. 

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